Our Products

We sell quality hay, pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks, and more - grown right here on the farm!


Year round, we sell first- and second-crop hay. All our hay is grown on our 100+ acres right here in Stratham. Our fields are fertilized twice a year to improve the quality and quantity of the loads. We seed a timothy/orchard grass mix that have seen up to 4 crops a season! Our square bales weigh 35-40 pounds.

First crop: $7.50

Second crop: $8.50

Mulch hay: $5.00


Free Range


Come back next season for our farm fresh eggs!


Pumpkins &


We have a large variety of our own locally grown pumpkins and gourds. Our pumpkins range from the typical round orange Jack, to warted Sugars, and pink Cinderellas. Whether you want something fancy, something big, small, or different we have it for you!

Pumpkins: $.60/lb

Fancies: $1.00/lb

Jack B Littles: $1.00 each

Gourds: $1.50/lb under 20 lbs

              $1.00/lb over 20 lbs