Our Story

There are many years of farming in our history, dating all the way back to when the farm house was built in 1776. This land has seen it all: from a chicken farm, to apple orchards, to a draft horse farm, to a dairy farm, to the hay and pumpkin farm we have today.


Doug and Stella Scamman purchased the farm house and all the surrounding land in 1972 as a dairy farm known as Bittersweet Farm. As the years went on and their twin sons Kirk and Karl grew older and became more involved in the family farm, they started the Agway store together in 1984. Karl took over management of the Agway store and Kirk stayed on taking care of the land as two separate entities. In 2010 Kirk and his fiancée Sue Fernholz created the Scamman Farm you know today.


We are a local farm that is dedicated to the community and preserving what is left of farming. We believe that everyone should have the luxury of enjoying the beautiful piece of land we have. We have two greenhouses, 300 acres of SELT conservation land, a newly built hay barn, our 6-acre corn maze, the pumpkin shack, and much more to enjoy. We have attractions for all ages! With over 40 years of farming experience and many agriculture classes and studies, Kirk has the ability to grow the crops to the best of their potential. Year after year we are expanding the opportunities and our engagement in the local community.