Rainy Days at Scamman Farm

Today we were closed as we are every Monday and Tuesday in September, our days to pick and restock the Pumpkin Shack along with making everything look good again. Although today was a bit too wet and rainy to pick a lot of pumpkins and vegetables we took the day to research a few fall ideas and useful things for our customers. Although many believe pumpkins are just meant to be carved into scary faces and Jack' O Lanterns to put on your front porch. There are many other useful ideas. Adding a small piece of lace around the stem will make a fancy display pumpkin that can later be carved into that super scary Halloween pumpkin. Using whites and fancies as a small center table design. Creating a small basket design full of jack b little's of all colors and shapes... and many more! Let alone just the display side of these pumpkins, they can be used to make many delicious snacks and meals. http://www.countryliving.com/food-drinks/g619/our-best-pumpkin-recipes-1008/

We also had some time today to walk our 6 acre corn maze and take a few pictures for our instagram @scammanfarm.


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